luni, 3 februarie 2014

Hi everyone! I have to share experiences and feelings that I had in the world of music.I started singing from the early age of 4.Everything started as a child's play,and at that time I never saw it as something serious,until I realised that this is my calling and that it will define my future.All of this happend at the age of 7,when I had my very first big victory,at the most important contest in Romania.I know I was too young to actually ackowledge this,but somehow it gave me the right feeling.Then,victories over victories came for me,winning 60 national and international contests which proved to me that I was on the right path.I won a lot of experience,but the big ones were just starting.At 10 years old I got an unexpected call from the actor Mihai Bendeac,who wanted me to join him in his comedy show called"IN PUII MEI" which eventually became a revelation.After 2 years I got a call which requested me to audition for most watched TV show in Italy,which was being broadcasted on RAI UNO,the national television of Italy.There I got a 2 year exclusivity contract.During the show I had the honour of singing with the most famous and controversial italian artists Lucio Dalla,Alessandra Amoroso,Massimo Ranieri etc. and with Olivia Newton-John,Anastacia and Dionne Warwick which was Whitney Huston's aunt.It was like a dream that seemed impossible to be real at the age of 12.After that,I took some time to master my voice and grow a little bit.When I felt ready to go,I decided to audition for X-Factor Romania which brought me more fame,a new look,and in other words,a new Madalina.The life that I am living is a special one,and as time passes by,it becomes more and more so.As a result,I'm going to share all of my thoughts and all of my experiences here,so stay tuned to this blog,and I'm going to offer you a piece of my life!<3 comment-3--="" nbsp="" xoxo="">



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